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Technical trials...

In the past week or two, I have been moving ahead with learning about the technical aspects of projection mapping. Following the YouTube videos made by Ryan Rakowski, I was inspired to try AfterEffects for creating a few simple trial projections.

The work began by building a little set out of task board. The cubes can be moved around to create different configurations. For the first trial, I projected my Residuals video on the background while projecting a secondary video on the cubes. In the second trial,

I projected the Residuals video onto the cubes, and the secondary video in the background. This is probably the configuration that I want, although the shapes within the model may change. I will try projecting onto a detailed architectural model of a public space, since the ultimate goal is to project this in such a site. However, large scale outdoor projection may not happen just yet, as technical skill needs to develop, content still needs editing, and winter in Maine is fast approaching.

I am using a small Optoma projector, which isn't the best, but it is what I could afford right now. I have been looking at the Lightform site, which features software called Creator. In the future, I hope to be able to upgrade and try other software and projectors. A visually captivating project on the site is Joshua Tree Renegade, which integrates projection mapping art with natural rock formations. Seeing these examples of what can be done inspires me to keep moving forward.

Optoma Mini



Lightform, Joshua Tree Renegade

R. Rakowski, 3D Projection Mapping in Adobe AfterEffects

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