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Tectonia Harbor

It's been awhile since the last post. In a course this summer, i have entered the worlds of virtual reality(VR), creating the island of Tectonia Harbor. It was a steep learning curve, but I am on my way. I set up an account with Kitely. Then I downloaded Firestorm viewer, which is free. A Kitely account provides you with an avatar, which can be customized in both look and behavior. Here is a little dance number that I created for my avatar. Hope you enjoy it!

Tectonia Harbor is changing all the time, as I bring in objects and buildings created in 3D modeling programs such as Sketchup or Rhino, or build objects within the island. Objects can be borrowed from other creators, too.

Here is a building model imported from Sketchup, and an image as I experimented with changing the surface textures. You can see the avatar has on a rather elaborate, fantastical type of outfit, which I later changed to jeans and sneakers. The aesthetics of Kitely can be a bit cartoonish, but by creating your own objects, there is control over the aesthetic look. More to come...

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