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Unmonetized, our April show at the Union of Maine Visual Artists Gallery, was rewarding in so many (non-monetary) ways. Meeting, and reconnecting with the other artists, Kris Lanzer, Dave Pettengill, and Barb Whitten was the highlight. It was a perfect collaboration!

So many friends and First Friday ArtWalkers came by to share the evening with us.

I want to give thanks to the Maine Arts Commission for awarding me an Artist Project Grant, which made presenting my videos possible, and to the UMVA and the Portland Media Arts Center for hosting us.

Here are some images from the show.

Row 1: Videos by Ruthanne Harrison, Row 2: Video, and installation of a digital series by Ruthanne Harrison, Row 3: Installation of digital series by Ruthanne Harrison, visitors to Barb Whitten's work, Row 4: Installation by Dave Pettengill, Kinetic Sculpture by Barb Whitten, Row 5: Sculpture by Kris Lanzer, visitors to the gallery.

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