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Tech or Tactility

For several years, I have been immersed in the world of technology: studying and teaching architecture, computer aided design, 3D design, now completing studies in Emerging Technology for the Arts. Creating a virtual reality world. 3D printing. Laser cutting, augmented reality. It's been a lot of screen time!

Fisherman, 2023

Even when working by hand, printing and silk screening, I see an abstract image of technology!

But, last year, a summer trip of wandering in France brought about a change. Being in nature, feeling the energy of a city, jumping in the ocean, eating with friends and family, all senses alive.

Then, being inspired by women dressed in beautiful fanciful dresses made of amazing textiles. Where could I find these fabrics???

African Wax Printed Fabric

They were found in the shops on

Rue Doudeauville, in Paris.

I bought some, brought them home, and during August (month of the Sturgeon Moon, a symbol of new beginnings), I began to sew, paint on fabric, silk screen, design clothing patterns, read everything I could about handmade clothing, gather materials for natural dyes, and the concept of Sturgeon Moon Maine was born.

Now where will it go?

Sturgeon Maine Moon Coconut Candy Tunic

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