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Module 4: Tools, technology, progress... & Rough Draft!

With the focus on sound for this module, that has been one of the focal points for my project this week. Influenced by John Cage, I want to use some ambient sound, but also combined with other types of sound, and even some music.

Some of the video footage that is being used combines ambient sound. But some of the footage was created with still images, so I needed to search for sound to use. I found, which offers a wide variety of sound and music clips, all under creative commons usage.

I did find some sounds to use, although that is still a piece in progress. I am trying to create a sort of architecture of sound, that lets the audience for the projection "wander through" the sound as well as the residual spaces. Being much less experienced with creating with sound than with visual images, this has been a challenge. Right now, the projection project is being created on a scale model. Eventually, when I am able to create full size, outdoor projection mapping, I am not sure the sound will even be a part of it. But I do want to learn to work with sound, because of the power it has in setting a mood. Also, because sound is so integrated with the experiencing of physical space, and the exploration of architecture and physical space is what interests me.

Other than sound, other project progress has been to adapt an architectural model of a pocket park design that I made several years ago into a performance space for my small scale projection mapping. I added some cube elements to project special effects videos onto, and a large wall for the main video content.

Then the tripod, projector, and AfterEffects workspace all had to be set up just right to complete the mapping. I still have more mapping to do in the second part of the video. This work has to be done at night in a darkened room.

It is amazing to me how many hours have gone into creating 1:17 minutes of content!

Here is a very rough draft, recorded on my phone as I worked on the project.


Lehman, M. Using Sound to Influence Architecture, Retrieved from:

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