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sturgeon Moon Maine

ruthanne harrisonart&design



I am an artist, teacher and designer living and working in mid-coast Maine. I was born and raised in New York, but summers spent in Maine as a child drew me back here permanently as an adult.


Growing up in a creative home full of art, books, and ongoing projects gave me the direction that I wanted to go in. The path has been winding, with many detours, but continuously intertwined with making art. 


My current work reflects contrasting interests in technology (video, 3D digital modeling, augmented reality), with a desire for the handmade: textiles, natural dye materials, exploring and sketching, working in nature, working with the tactile. 



Draw. Paint. Design. Sew. Wander. Create. Be inspired by nature. Sturgeon Moon Maine invites any and all who want to participate in a shared or individual experience of art, design and creative thinking. 



To offer design inspired by nature exploration, and workshops in which participants are able to develop skills in designing with textiles, while engaging in a creative community of practice in the arts.





CONTACT ME: 207.737.4749

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